Reactive Object[s]


To obtain such parameters as ideal ergonomics, shape and function, the fabrication of products often becomes unnecessarily complex. However, with ‘Reactive Object(s)’ I want to show that by merging conventional manufacturing processes with rapid prototyping, we can obtain equal results with simpler methods. Inspired by constructivist art, I distilled the design of the office chair down to its most important mechanism – compression. Using only three materials I have created a geometric grid of modular components that plays with our expectations. What looks like a rigid chair is in fact a highly ergonomic surface, only revealing its function once you sit on it.

Dutch Design Week 16 | Melkweg Award Nominee

Dimensions:  H960 x W730 x L590

Materials: aluminium, carbon steel, polycarbonate 

Gustavs Klutsis - Spatial Construction (1920)

ergonomic surface adapts to body shape