Last Generation Before the Internet. Their Lives

The exhibition deals with the recent past where the search for oneself and others took place in an analogue instead of a digital environment. The works of art and various everyday artifacts chosen for the exhibition are micro-historical evidence of some 20th century individuals, or whole currents that continue to throw into doubt any borders between art and everyday life. These are stories about the individual memory culture, mutual networking and experimental creation. The exhibits share their authors' attempts to redefine personal life space, laying a parallel world, like a cuckoo's egg, in the governing reality created by media and political ideologies. 

Exhibition Design: Rihards Funts, Toms Lucans, Roberta Fisere

Curators: Kaspars Vanags, Zane Zajanckauska, Diana Franssen (Van Abbemuseum, Netherlands)

Video: Toms Taukulis, Sound: Dj Raitis 

Commissioned by: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art | Latvian National Museum of Art | ABLV Charitable Foundation